Analysis of Preferred Pairings For Barnabas Collins # 1

1) Angelique Bouchard


Considering all I can find is a one night stand with Barnabas in lieu of his concern that Josette Dupres was not going to marry him, Angelique’s reaction of falling beyond heels over head in love with Barnabas to the point of becoming violently destructive to both his family and himself this is the pairing that blows my mind as being preferred. I must presume Barnabas Collins was drunk and of low spirits in this escapade considering how much booze was imbibed during the Colonial timeframe given.


However there are stories that contain an Angelique Bouchard prior to being discarded by Barnabas. Not a bad idea.


At the same time he did want her and then would push himself away which I’ve analyzed as a lust he discovered in himself that he was not proud of and couldn’t figure out in his own psyche. I see his marriage to Angelique as feeling that perhaps he could do right by her after all and he could have a happy life now that Josette was gone… until of course he discovered what Angelique was up to the whole time via Ben Stokes, etc. As I’ve posted in a recent thread about her, “I would’a done MORE than shoot her. Every rusty piece of weaponry the colonial days could provide wouldn’t be enough.”


What I’ve gleaned from a few of the Angelique fans is a playful (I hope) yearning to be diabolical in power and determination, someone who gets what she wants at all costs, including causing harm to the innocent. Sarah is the biggest reason people in the fandom won’t stand for this pairing. That one is the final straw. (Although we all seem amused by Joshua Collins being turned into a cat. He was a pretty annoying guy.)


The other portion I see is that concern over Angelique being discarded. The man should be able to handle himself with women… yes, sure, like every other guy around in ANY day and age, right? No pressure on the gentleman… I guess!


But in that there is a good matter of wonder in what these fans see in their own lives as being right and wrong. Don’t throw a woman over, especially a hot and devoted one like that. So there are some dark aspects of psychology we’re dealing with in this one. There is this ongoing theme that they deserve each other as Barnabas is so wretched… except he becomes wretched after he’s cursed by her more or less. He didn’t exactly have the kindest of fathers in the world so he likely took after Naomi in his earlier aspects of generosity and kindness.


(I can easily empathize with him here. I have been both and have had that taken advantage of and in this fandom very much so. Wonderful to find an improvement recently. If you’ve seen the review pile for Margaret Josette Dupres that didn’t come out of thin air. I sought help and sought it vigilantly. )


So with the Barnabas/Angelique pairing I see some deep seeded frustration in a woman’s plight, especially that of a servant. This is confusing considering her powers and abilities. She could have shuffled off to better things much sooner. So I’ve had to deduce that she’s just plain koo-koo. The fans of this pairing aren’t, of course but there is something in the story that’s either upsetting them enough to feel sorry for her, or it stems back to the playful deviousness. Again… I *hope* it’s playful.


2 thoughts on “Analysis of Preferred Pairings For Barnabas Collins # 1

  1. Angelique comes from a long line of witchcraft. Her skills in this were also not learned in a matter of days, so who knows how long she had been casting spells on people around her. I wouldn’t put it past her to have used her witchcraft skills to seduce Barnabas in Martinique- that certainly makes sense given her actions in Collinwood.

    Even if there had been no Josette Barnabas could never have been happy with Angelique- she has a twisted jealous possessive nature. He’d only have had to have smiled politely at some shop girl getting him some fancy gloves for Angelique, or something for her to have been hurling abuse at him and threatening him and that poor shop girl also.

    • morlock13 says:

      Aye… well that’s what fascinates me about all this fan work that incorporates him having Angelique prior to meeting Josette. I say it’s not a bad idea but I believe some of these people aren’t looking at the whole picture. Barnabas takes to Angelique on the rebound from Josette. Angelique is also known to have swayed Josette’s other lovers away from her. (Which makes my own crap fic, “Two Women In Love” more canon than I thought!)

      But I agree. Angelique’s trouble is not being taught what love actually is either from her family and/or otherwise. Angelique’s problem is neglect, which is why I feel for her. Neglect is one of the worse forms of abuse and it’s a hard one to catch because it festers and it is silent. ❤

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