Chapter 12: Willie’s Wounds (from “Margaret Josette Dupres, a novel”)

Chapter 12: Willies Wounds

This came out of some re-investigating I did on Willie Loomis’ experience trying to warn Maggie Evans in “Dark Shadows”. If anyone recalls, he was worried for her safety and ran to the Evans Cottage to warn her. As a result he was shot by the police who lay in waiting to discover her kidnapper. (And shot at least five times. Yikes!) He was in the hospital quite a while from these injuries before moving on to Wyndcliff Sanitarium. When he returned on the original program, to my knowledge, it was never discussed.

(Warning: This chapter is T-rated, most of the rest of the novel is M-rated, but very unusual for all of that. No vulgar word usage and changes in POV throughout. It delves into what happens after, and possibly during, The Pit of Ultimate Dark Shadows)


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